What is Menopause Pilates?

Menopause Pilates is a bespoke approach for perimenopausal and menopausal women.

My fun, yet highly effective, methodology fills the void that currently exists. There is Pilates for golfers, riders, Pilates for hips, backs, shoulders, Pilates for children, Pilates for footballers, Pilates for dancers and for Seniors. But what about Pilates for menopause?

I have created a unique Menopause Pilates framework that builds on the fabulous principles of Pilates we know and love whilst anchoring the exercises firmly in the areas of movement practice needed in the menopausal stage of life.

We hone into the vital areas of strength, bone loading, mobility, pelvic floor health, body awareness & breathing, communication and fun!

Naturally we discuss and learn about Menopause during the sessions. As an educator with a passion, sharing information about Menopause and signposting to resources is part of my scope of practice

The distinctive bespoke sessions blend my 20+years experience and technical knowledge to target the needs of the individual, even within a group setting.

Movement is vital for our health and wellbeing during the stages of menopause. The joy of moving can be lost during this time in our lives but Menopause Pilates enables you to regain strength, confidence and the pleasure of ease of movement in your body.

My Menopause Pilates sessions are available face to face in my beautiful Cotswold Studio (Contemporary Pilates) or online via Zoom.

I also teach Menopause Pilates Workshops for other studios and in independent venues and online.