My pilates passion

I’m Dinah Siman, Founder of Menopause Pilates.

Menopause is a women’s health issue that has been ignored and dismissed for far too long. We happily talk for hours about puberty, pregnancy and childbirth – why not menopause?

I’m passionate about my mission, my vision, and my passion project. I shout about menopause. I raise the profile on social media and wherever I go. I teach, collaborate with other experts, support and raise funds for The Menopause Charity.

I love my 50s, and I’m planning to move on into my more mature years with real insight into my health, happiness and wellbeing, choosing my lifestyle and embracing the change.

Dinah Siman

My Why

Menopause Pilates is a personal passion that has evolved over more than 20 years of teaching women who are in menopause. My ethos is to help, encourage, empower, support and celebrate the effort and success of my clients.

I specialise and have vast expertise supporting women with ‘complex cases’ who are in pain, have dysfunction in their body, have lost movement and are post- or pre-operative. It can be back, knee, hip, shoulder, foot problems… you name it, menopause causes muscular skeletal, structural, and neurological issues.

Often the missing link is a lack of understanding about the menopause. For this reason, I pride myself on providing my clients with care, compassion, support, precision, safety, and progress.

It wasn’t until I was fully in the midst of my own perimenopausal mystery tour that I finally got the complete picture and understood the full impact of hormone depletion. Recurring injury, sleep deprivation, anxiety, palpitations, dizziness, UTIs, brain fog, and continuous pain – I simply didn’t want to be in my body anymore.

The value of my first-hand experience has been turning knowledge into wisdom. Beliefs become obsolete when we personally feel the full force of a physical and emotional experience. My observations and client experiences from my menopause teaching and reading gained a whole new perspective, resonance and level of understanding as I actually felt my own body falling apart – and I mean that literally!

I understand the menopause transition. I know it. I’ve lived through years of it. I am a menopausal woman.

Dinah is delighted to be a balance+ contributor providing Pilates content for balance+

The world’s first medically approved health and wellbeing companion, tailored to the needs of perimenopausal and menopausal women.

balance was created by Dr Louise Newson to reach as many women as possible. She wanted to give women access to evidence-based and medically approved information so they understand their own perimenopause and menopause better and crucially, feel confident in asking their health care professional for appropriate treatment. To continue this, Dr Louise Newson and the balance team are really passionate about keeping balance free for everyone, and the introduction of balance+ helps us to do just that.

In addition to accessing appropriate menopause treatment, it is really important to consider lifestyle and wellbeing holistically as these are key to optimising future health.

With balance+ you can gain unparalleled access to content created by the best hand-picked specialists and doctors in the menopause space helping you to optimise your: mental health & wellbeing, nutrition & weight management, skin & hair, sexual health & pelvic floor, sleep and physical health.

With balance+, you will have the opportunity to participate in live sessions with Dr Louise Newson herself who will be joined by expert hosts and special guests – getting answers to your menopause-related questions!

You’ll also be able watch real life consultations to help you be better prepared for your own appointments.

With balance+ you can feel a difference whilst making a difference.