My Teaching Ethos

My method helps to ‘join the dots’

My teaching focusses on educating and enabling women to get back in the ‘driving seat’, trust their intuition, create a movement practice which emphasises self-care and compassion and de-mystifies menopause.

I view menopause as an opportunity for powerful, positive and long-lasting change. We have choices about our ongoing health and happiness.

My life experience has taught me the only way out of a situation is to go into it, address it and feel what it means. I know what menopause can mean. I understand how to plan, sequence and progress mindful and Pilates movement practice to support clients.

My extensive studies and 20+ years’ experience enable me to help women experiencing menopause, including menopause triggered by surgery, medical treatment and premature ovarian insufficiency.

I understand the exercise and movement needs of the peri- and postmenopausal woman, and I know exactly how to tailor it to individual body requirements – especially for those with past injuries or body issues.

I know how to progress Pilates practice, how to vary it and how to make it fun – otherwise why would we do it? I know all this because I am a post-menopausal woman, with a body full of wear and tear who used to do Jane Fonda and loves to dance. No, I can’t jog anymore, nor do any high impact sport – I don’t want or need to. I maintain my fitness with my own Menopause Pilates, and I support my mind, body and heart with a considered, balanced and joyful way to move.

My client-centered approach can see me work alongside other experts in their field to optimise the care they receive and ensure their progress.

My approach is always practical, supportive and positive! I love teaching and Menopause Pilates is very much my passion project in my work life.

Menopause Expertise

Dinah Siman BA Hons, PGCE, RSA, ITEC

Over my 23 years of Pilates teaching, I have amassed thousands of hours of training! My qualifications include the Original Apprenticeship Pilates in conjunction with Alan Herdman in 1998, The Franklin Method with Eric Franklin in 2002, Polestar Pilates UK with Serafino Ambrosio in 2003 and Pilates Passing the Torch University of Balanced Body diploma with Master teacher Elizabeth Larkam in 2014. Embracing many areas of learning and my commitment to continuing personal development fuels my passion for the Menopause Pilates holistic, integrated approach.

I am proud to be a recognised voice and active contributor within the menopause conversation, which involves continuous collaboration with fellow Menopause experts.

I am an Affiliate Member of The British Menopause Society, an Affiliate Member of The Newson Health Menopause Society and a member of the Complementary Therapists Association

Qualification Highlights

  • Original Apprenticeship Pilates, Oxford School of Pilates in conjunction with Alan Herdman 1998
  • Chi Ball Method Monika Lindford 1999
  • The Franklin Method 2002 – London, Eric Franklin
  • Polestar Pilates UK 2003 – London, Serafino Ambrosio
  • Gyrotonic® Level 0ne 2005-2008 – London and Somerset, Leda Franklin and Suzanne Scott
  • Yoga RYT 500 2008-2010 – Art of Contemporary Yoga, Joanne Avison and Alex Filmer-Lorch
  • Meditation RYT200 2013 – Inside Meditation, Alex Filmer- Lorch
  • Fascial Fitness Trainer – Robert Schleip and Joanne Avison
  • Anatomy Trains – Joanne Avison
    Passing the Torch, University of Balanced Body diploma, Master teacher Elizabeth Larkam
  • Anatomy CPD with Tom Myers
  • CPDs with Polestar Pilates
  • CPDs with Balanced Body
  • Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Pilates teacher, 2019
  • Menopause Yoga Teacher Training 2019 RYT 40
  • Adore Your Pelvic Floor accredited Coach 2020