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Menopause Pilates

"We hone the vital areas of strength, bone loading, mobility, pelvic floor health, body awareness & breathing, communication and fun!"

— Dinah Siman

Studio Classes

Bespoke Studio sessions tailored to the needs of the individual. Offering 1:1, 2:1 and small group classes (maximum of 4 participants) in the fully equipped Studio, Contemporary Pilates.

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Zoom Classes

Lots of strength work, bone loading, balance, coordination, cardio, breath work, pelvic floor health, fascial fitness and balance of course. The sessions are varied in content and fun!

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CPD Course

Menopause Awareness for Pilates Teachers – an integrated approach to menopause education for Pilates teachers.

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Why Menopause Pilates

A unique Menopause Pilates framework that builds on the fabulous principles of Pilates we know and love whilst anchoring the exercises firmly in the areas of movement practice needed in the menopausal stage of life.

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